sexta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2015

Yesterday, the most famous cream of hazelnuts and chocolate, created in 1963, celebrated another birthday!
This so delicious cream is no longer used exclusively for spreading on bread and toast, in fact, there is a whole industry around this magical cream!
Who doesn't love Nutella, I mean... NUTELLA! (:
Do you like Nutella?                                                            Blueberry Dreams
Where you usually use it?
( I should try Blueberries with Nutella!)

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  1. A última imagem está perfect, mas tenho de admitir que não sou grande fã. Sou aquela pessoa estranha, sabes? ahah

  2. I love Nutella!
    With love
    Marta from

  3. Descobri há pouquíssimo tempo que existia um dia da Nutella! :)


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